Service and UX Designer Satu Kyröläinen

This site has a user experience blog…

Blog posts about service design, user experience (UX) and usability – from a cartoonist point of view. By Service & User Experience Designer Satu Kyröläinen. Yes that’s me on the picture, you guessed right :-).


…a collection of cartoons…

Cartoon introducing Satu Kyröläinen

That’s also me in that cartoon. Amazing, right? ;-) You might wanna check the rest of the cartoons, too!


…and dance fitness!

Yes you read that right. I have couple of serious hobbies and dance fitness is one of them :-). For those looking for info about Satu the Fitness Instructor, look no further! (Well you do have to click that link below, though.)

Whether you are a fellow UX person, potential future employer, relative, friend, colleague, someone from my dance class or just random visitor – feel free to browse around! Either way I’m glad you’re here!