Fitness instructor

satu_instructingI’m a part-time fitness instructor and loving it! In 2012 I fulfilled my childhood dream to become an instructor, and since gratuating from Etnofitness  ”Dance Fitness Professional” – course I’ve been instructing in Keho & Mieli -classes in Helsinki. First JamBaila®-classes, and currently Fitness Dance- and Body-classes.

My repertoire includes e.g. Funk dance, Country dance, Soca, Salsa, Ndombolo, Reggaeton,  Dancehall reggae, Hip hop, Jazz, Afro, Merengue and good old aerobics :-)



Here are couple of pics to prove it

Soca-dance with Caribbean carnival spirit


Country-dance with cowboy hat


Learning show-dance moves from the creator of Fitness Dance (Jari Karttunen)

Show dance

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