Satu Kyröläinen in dancer poseIn addition to cartoons and fitness instructing, I enjoy:

Jogging / walking: great way to let mind flow free and stay fit for dance classes. Some of my routes and most of my exercises are in Heiaheia.

Photography: okay, 90% of the pics in my home album are of my kids, but still I enjoy taking them. Those interested the fitness-side of me are welcome to checkout the pics in my Instagram-profile.

Film making: I really enjoy planning, directing, filming and editing videos. Some of my home-related videos are in my Youtube -channel and our UX-related videos are in Satu and Tero: UX Life -channel, maintained by me and my colleague Tero :-)

Below is one of my favorite video-projects from 2017 when we made 100 videos showcasing tips for active breaks during workday.