IT work cartoons

Flesh and blood (October, 2021)

A cartoon about hybrid meeting between online participants and those who are flesh and blood. Literally.

Solvattu (“Solved” in Finglish, November 2019)

A novice vs an expert (June 2018)

Bad process (May 2018)

ICT that moves (November 2014)

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Tunnel in sight (February 2014)

Knowledge work improvement tips (November 2013)

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The ups and downs of job hunting (October 2013)

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Back to work? (August 2013)

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In a job interview (May 2013)


Overalls and stakeholders

Power Point Slides

Work-life balance

Back to work anxiety

Agile personality


Cost savings

Motivating employees part 1

Motivating employees – part 2

New team doing it

A corporate in war

Accountability process

Go lean!

Meeting rooms

Secret plans

We’re all in the Same boat

Pink slips for everyone!


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