UX cartoons

I hope you enjoy these cartoons as much as I enjoyed making them. You are welcome to use these cartoos freely as long as you mention the creator’s name (Satu Kyröläinen) or Twitter-handle (@satukyro) with them.

User experience cartoons 2019

The freshest cartoons of them all!

User experience cartoons 2018

My workplace Solidabis kept growing and work piled up, but still I managed to make at least a few cartoons.

User experience cartoons 2017

In 2017 I started working in service design and software development company called Solidabis as Fyyri merged with it. Lucky for me these cartoons remained as part of the company’s communication material, so I kept creating more :-)

UX cartoon: Selling usabillity

User experience cartoons 2016

In 2016 in Fyyri I was getting more kicks out of UX work than ever…


User experience cartoons 2015

In 2015 I continued working in UX consultancy Fyyri, where more crazy senior UX designers joined the fun…

User experience cartoons 2014

In 2014 I started working in UX consultancy company called Fyyri, and was reminded of the ups and downs of UX work…
UX cartoon: No money to fill user needs


User experience cartoons 2013

Most of 2013 I was looking for new UX work. I had plenty of time to both cartoons and blogging…

UX comic: Work-hungry usability expert

User experience cartoons 2012 and 2011

Up until 2012 I was working in Nokia. Lots of good times, learned a lot! On a side note, 2012 was also the year when I created the “Frustrated UX -people” -Facebook group. You’re welcome to join, whether or not you’re frustrated ;-).

UX cartoon: Self-appearing user experience

That’s all.

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