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925 festivalLast week I attended incredibly inspiring  925 festival – a seminar about better knowledge work life. It oozed positive thinking and gave concrete, research-based tips how to change one’s work habits. And it promoted habits that increase knowledge workers’ productivity and work satisfaction. Habits that help people to accomplish more and getting less tired.

I’m pretty sure most of the attendees left the event inspired, believing that change for better worklife IS possible. I know I did. I was sparkling!

With this excitement I realized that this mindset and these tips can also help a knowledge work seeker. I’m a living proof of that. I’m seeking, and for a week now I’ve used five tips from the festival, with positive results.

1 – Planning my day

Todo-list Kanban-styleI now have a todo list, from which I take 3 goals every morning -things I at least want to accomplish that day.

Every time something gets done, I move it to the “done”-list.

Result: I’m doing meaningful things and making my work and its progress more visible, Kanban-style.

Thanks for these tips go to Saku Tuominen (Creative director at 925 Design) and Sami Honkonen (Director at Reaktor)


2 – Controlling my email

Zero inboxEach day I organize (delete, archive) my mail a bit more, aiming at a 0 inbox.

I respond emails quickly and shortly.

I’m checking my email between tasks, not during.

Result: I’m getting things out of my head and I’m less distracted.

Thanks for these tips go to Saku Tuominen.

3 – Sending and seeing positive vibes

Sending positive vibesFeelings are contagious so every time I contact a potential employer I make sure I do it with positive mindset, communicating my passion for my profession and genuine interest towards the company.

I’m trying to see the good in every potential employer. And when I experience something really positive, I take a moment to really think about it for it to stick to my brain.

Result: I’m “injecting a little love” around me.


Thanks for these tips go to Vishen Lakhiani (Founder and CEO of Mindvalley), Matti Henttinen (a mental coach) and Esa Saarinen (a professor and positive philosopher from Aalto University).

4 -Doing my “psycho-workout”

30-second ruleIn times of disappointment (“didn’t get that job either”) I let myself feel the initial frustration or anger for 30 seconds.

But after 30 seconds I get a grip of my emotions: just because I didn’t succeed this time does not mean that I couldn’t succeed in future. This is what went well regardless. This is how I’ll do better next time.

Result: I’m controlling my scripts and focusing on the good in me.


Thanks for these tips go to Tony Dunderfelt (a psychologist and an author).

5- Rewarding myself

Rewarding myselfWhenever I have successfully done any of the above I reward myself.

The reward can be whatever sensible I fancy at the moment – a short walk in a fresh air, 5 minutes in Facebook, a healthy snack, a permission to check email.

Result: I’m reinforcing the positive behaviors to become habits.

Thanks for these tips go to Charles Duhigg (award winning author and journalist)

Worth a try!

Now, these small changes didn’t get me a job (yet), but I assure you I feel more satisfied already. I have less clutter in my head (and inbox) and more sense of accomplishment and happiness. I truly recommend everyone to give it a try, regardless whether you’re currently working or seeking!

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