The good sides of job hunting

I’ve had a busy month: four interviews in four different companies in four weeks. None of them resulted a job, though – at least not yet. But it got me thinking how great the process of job hunting can be at its best: by going to interviews, we get to…

  1. meet and make contact with brilliant, like-minded people (being part of the same profession and sharing the passion for it)
  2. visit different workplaces and get a better sense what type of company might be the best fit for us in terms of industry, size, location, culture, etc.
  3. experience the interview -session itself

Of course first we have to get to the interview before we can enjoy these benefits. And that’s not always easy. I’ve been there, too, and received my share of “Unfortunately you were not selected for an interview”-messages.


But the fact that it is not easy is exactly the reason why we should celebrate all our achievements in job hunt, big or small.

Celebrate job hunt achievements


Contacted an interesting company? Good, congratulations!
Sent an application? Great, way to go!
Made noise about yourself in social media? Cool, that’s the spirit!
Got an invite to an interview? Super, go get them tiger!
Got a job offer? Party like there’s no tomorrow!


There will be bad days in job hunting. So let’s make the most of the good ones!

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