Farewell to Stripgenerator

After 10 years and over 300 cartoons it is time for me to say farewell to Stripgenerator.

The end

The web-browsers will no longer support Flash Player after December 2020. The end of support also means the end of many web-services relying on Flash Player. One of those services is my trusted cartoon making tool Stripgenerator.

Time well spent

I spent 10 years with Stripgenerator, generating over 300 cartoons. They will live on on this site in Cartoons-section.

I’ve always been better at drag&dropping than drawing, so Stripgenerator was a perfect tool for me. And for thousands of others. To tell you the truth I’m sad to leave it behind.

Cartoon character Satu is sad and leaving the frame in Stripgenerator

Great tool and community

As a User Experience Designer I valued the intuitiveness of Stripgenerator’s user interface. It was pleasurable to use.

In addition to being a great tool, Stripgenerator was also a community of cartoonists. It was wonderful to be a part of a community, where talented cartoonists cheered each others’ creations.

So easy to use. So free to use. So many great cartoonists and cartoons.

I will miss you Stripgenerator!

Cartoon character Satu has left Stripgenerator and she says "bye then"

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