You’re smart, the software is not

Imagine you’re starting to use a new software. And you notice it is very difficult to use. What is your reaction?

Cartoon illustrating different ways to react to difficult software

In case you’re blaming yourself, stop it! Stop it right now!

You are a wonderfully smart human being and capable of lots of things. The fact that you can’t use this particular software does not tell anything about you. But it says a lot about the software.

Perhaps it has words you don’t understand. Well, a smart software would use words familiar to users.

Perhaps you can’t find information where you would expect. A smart software would organize the information so that it makes sense to users.

Perhaps you don’t know where to click or what to do next. A smart software would have a clear call-to-action button. It would offer only relevant functions and content in relevant places.

See where I’m going with this? If the software makes you feel stupid, the chances are the software itself is stupid. Remember that.

On the other hand, if the software is NOT difficult to use and it makes you feel smart, you are smart. You always were. As were the people who made that software. Good to remember that, too ;-).


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